Monday, 30 January 2017

'Moral em concordata' - November 1959

'Moral em concordata' was adapted to the screen from a play by Abilio Pereira de Almeida. Maria Della Costa & Odete Lara play sisters in distress... Looking at the glossies I could not but realize how similar the whole thing is to Hollywood productions of Tennessee William's plays 'A street car named desire' (1951) and 'Cat on a hot tin roof' (1958)... Look at the photos and see if you agree with me... 
sister act... Odete Lara & Maria Della Costa. 
Hollywood, eat your heart out...
Maria Della Costa on a big brass bed... any similarity to the Elizabeth Taylor scene in 'A cat on a hot tin roof' is not mere coincidence... 
Italian neo-realism? No, Brazilian's... 
Odete Lara working her troubles away at a Leonam sewing machine.
DKW & Caracu beer ad in the back... 

it looks like Bela Vista to me... 
but now it looks like a studio scenery... but I'm not quite sure... 
Lambretta... Armando Bogus, Jardel Filho & Benjamin Cattan. 
Jardel Filho doing his best Marlon Brando impersonation...
21 November 1959 - Fernando de Barros' 'Moral em concordata' premieres at Cine Paisandu in Sao Paulo... 
Morgana sings at a night club where Maria Della Costa works as a chorus-girl.

Monday, 2 January 2017

O petróleo é nosso

14 Novembro 1954 -
Heloisa Helena & John Herbert.
Sergio de Oliveira, John Herbert & Heloisa Helena.
Johnny Herbert & Adelaide Chiozzo. 
Violeta Ferraz, Catalano & the Ruy Rey Orchestra. 
Violeta Ferraz & Pituca.
 Gilda Valença sings 'Casa portuguesa'. 
Emilinha Borba in 'O petróleo é nosso'. 
Mary Gonçalves & John Herbert in 'O petróleo é nosso'. 

Friday, 16 December 2016

Zé Trindade filmography

1947 - O malandro e a granfina

1948 - O cavalo 13
1948 - P'ra lá de boa 
1948 - Fogo na canjica 

1949 - Inocência

1951 - Anjo do lodo
1951 - Aguenta firme, Isidoro 
1951 - Tocaia
1951 - Meu dia chegará 

1952 - O rei do samba

1954 - O rei do movimento 

1955 - Trabalhou bem, Genival
1955 - O primo do cangaceiro

1956 - Tira a mão dai
1956 - Genival é de morte 
1956 - Depois eu conto 

1957 - Treze cadeiras
1957 - Tem boi na linha 
1957 - Rico ri à toa 
1957 - O negócio foi assim 
1957 - Maluco por mulher 
1957 - Garotas e samba 

1958 - Na corda bamba
1958 - O camelô da rua larga 
1958 - O batedor de carteiras 
1958 - Aguenta o rojão 

1959 - Espirito de porco 
1959 - Massagista de madame 
1959 - Mulheres à vista
1959 - Entrei de gaiato 

1960 - Viuvo alegre 
1960 - Marido de mulher boa - Anacleto, casado com Arminda (Renata Fronzi)

1961 - Os 3 cangaceiros (cameo)
1961 - Bom mesmo é carnaval 

21 February 1960 - 'Entrei de gaiato' paired two of the most popular comedians in the country: Zé Trindade who receives top-billing and Dercy Gonçalves who could draw big crowds to the movies and to the theatres where she kept a string of popular plays going on through the years. This is the movie that shows Moacyr Franco singing 'Me dá um dinheiro aí' which is known as the last Carnaval hit ever. Up until 1960, major recording acts recorded especially for the Carnaval period. Some of those recordings would eventually hit Number One in the charts... but gradually through the 1950s these hits were becoming fewer & fewer until 'Me dá um dinheiro aí' went to the top of the pops in early 1960. That was the last Carnaval hit to get to that position. 
29 February 1960

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

ANKITO filmography

Ankito started as a supporting actor in 1952's 'É fogo na roupa'... less than a year later, in 1953 he was already top-billing in 'Os 3 recrutas' with Colé and José Lewgoy.

1952 - É fogo na roupa

1953 - Os 3 recrutas (15 November 1953)

1954 - Marujo por acaso (25 July 1954)
1954 - Angú de caroço

1955 - O rei do movimento - Aparício (30 May 1955) 
1955 - O grande pintor

1956 - O feijão é nosso - Petrônio Sensorte

1957 - Metido a bacana - Anacleto-Hilario
1957 - É de chuá
1957 - De pernas p'ro ar - Benedito
1957 - O boca de ouro -

1958 - Quem roubou meu samba - Leogivildo
1958 - E o bicho não deu -

1959 - Garota enxuta - Aporanga Popó (12 October 1959)

1960 - Pé na tábua - 
1960 - Vai que é mole
1960 - Sai dessa, recruta
1960 - Pistoleiro bossa nova - Inocêncio - Pistoleiro Misterioso

1961 - Um candango na Velha Cap - Tonico
1961 - Os 3 cangaceiros - Aristides Pelado

1969 - Um sonho de vampiros

15 November 1953 - directed by Eurides Ramos 'Os 3 recrutas' is Ankito's first time top-billing a movie ad sharing this honour with fellow comedian Colé and bad-man José Lewgoy;  Adriano Reis plays the good-looking hero and Myrian Tereza the 'mocinha' (engenue). 
25 July 1954
5 June 1955

Ankito, Catalano, Francisco Dantas, Wilson Grey, Erik (make-up man) & Alencaster Guimarães.
Heloisa Helena listens to Catalano in 1957's 'O boca de ouro' - a typical Brazilian high-society milieu. 

7 July 1958 - Victor Lima's 'De pernas p'ro ar' was another box-office winner with Ankito, Grande Otelo, Renata Fronzi, Renato Restier & the usual gang. 

11 October 1959

21 February 1960 - Ankito's 14th movie as a top-billing star. Victor Lima's 'Pé na tabua' with Grande Otelo and Renata Fronzi plus Nely Martins, bad-man Carlos Tovar, Radio Nacional crooner Bill Farr, rock'n'roller Carlos Imperial and the King of Rumba Ruy Rey.
15 May 1960 - less than 3 months after 'Pé na tabua' a new Ankito & Grande Otelo flick 'Pistoleiro bossa nova' to cash on in the wave created over the so-called Bossa Nova, the new Brazilian rhythm that would conquer the world in a couple of years. The supporting cast is almost the same of the previous movie: Renata Fronzi, Carlos Tovar... with the inclusion of bad-man Renato Restier, mouse-faced Wilson Grey and the baddest men of all Aurelio Teixeira.
15 April 1961 -

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


19 April 1970 - Brazilian country music royalty in the persons of Tião Carreiro & Pardinho - probably the best sertanejo duo in the history of musica caipira plus country comedians Simplicio, Saracura and Nha Barbina... they're all there. I wish I had watched it. I wonder if it's still in existence. 

19 April 1970 - Anselmo Duarte's 'Quelé do Pajeú' was supposedly the very first Brazilian production made in 70mm... 

10 May 1970 - TV soap-opera turned into a film: 'Beto Rockfeller' had been an artistic breakthrough on TV... it is doubtful that it did the same at the silver screen. Premieres on 19 May 1970.