Thursday, 23 May 2013

LUELY FIGUEIRÓ, a star from the South

Luely Figueiró was a starlet from Rio Grande do Sul who came to São Paulo in mid 1950s and acted at many films either in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. Luely was also a very good singer who eventually recorded a few singles and a full album for Continental Records.
Ângela Maria, Helenina Costa, Ernani Filho, Elizeth Cardoso, Luely Figueiró, Lúcio Alves, Carminha Mascarenhas, Norma Benguel & David Durpré (a dancer) at 'Carrossel' a show on TV Rio in 1959.
Luely Figueiró on the cover of Intervalo April 1963.

Revista do Rádio 1962.
Luely Figueiró at Intervalo in 1966.

Luely na capa de 'Fatos & Fotos' de 1951 e 1963. 

Luely Figueiró tells RR (early 1959) her romance with Lucio Alves has cooled.

3 March 1960 - Luely Figueiró sings at night club Chicote on Praça Roosevelt, 247, São Paulo. 

20 May 1962 - OESP - Luely Figueiró is nominated for best supporting actress in 1961 Saci Awards granted by S.Paulo daily 'O Estado de S.Paulo' yearly.

Luely Figueiró  * 26 September 1935  + 6 December 2010.

'Nordeste sangrento' - 1963.